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Adrienne Hudson

Dr Adrienne Hudson is a Nurse Researcher at the Queensland Children's Hospital. Her interest areas include: Paediatrics, Rapid Response Systems and Medical Emergency Teams; Supporting staff who care for children who deteriorate and require emergency assistance in hospital; Simulation; Mixed methods approaches to research; Qualitative research approaches (view publications).

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Alison Bowers

Ms Alison Bowers is a Research Fellow with QUT School of Nursing and is based at the Centre for Children's Health Research. Alison is an experienced paediatric nurse with an interest in paediatric palliative care and health services research. Her PhD thesis aimed to inform health service planning for paediatric palliative care services by exploring the characteristics, demographics and health needs of children and young people with life-limiting conditions in Queensland.

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Amanda Harley

Ms Amanda Harley is a Clinical Nurse Consultant within Paediatric Sepsis at the Queensland Children's Hospital (view publications).

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Amanda Ullman

Children deserve the best of our healthcare. As Professor and Chair in Paediatric Nursing, conjoint between the University of Queensland and Children's Health Queensland, Amanda is working to optimise health service delivery for children in hospital, so they are able to receive the treatment they need, without complications. (view publications).

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Amy Mitchell

Dr Amy Mitchell is a Registered Nurse specialising in paediatrics and child health. She is a Lecturer and Children's Hospital Foundation Early Career Research Fellow in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Griffith University, and Honorary Research Fellow at the Parenting and Family Support Centre at the University of Queensland.

Amy's research focuses on disentangling the complex relationships between child behaviour, parenting factors, and children's health, and using parenting intervention to improve health and developmental outcomes in childhood. Her cross-disciplinary paediatric and child health research uses a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research methods, and focuses on developing effective, evidence-based solutions to clinical problems facing children, families, and health care providers. (view publications). 

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Bronwyn Griffin

Dr Bronwyn Griffin is a Senior Research Fellow with Queensland University of Technology School of Nursing, based at the Queensland Children's Hospital. She has over 20 years experience in paediatric, emergency, burns and trauma nursing across some of Australia's largest tertiary Children's  Hospitals.

Dr Griffin's work now supports the integrated spectrum of paediatric emergency, burn and trauma care from injury prevention/public health, first aid, acute care and quality of life outcomes. She has demonstrated outcomes engaging with various stakeholders in industry, academia, health and consumer networks.

Dr Griffin is a Fellow and Research Committee member of the College of Emergency Nurses Australia, regularly leading workshops and teaching. She is a member of the Steering Committee of the Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand and the Injury Prevention Committee for the Australia and New Zealand Burns Association optimising registry data for research projects and developing injury prevention campaigns. Dr Griffin also acts as a member of the Queensland Statewide Trauma Clinical Network representing Queensland Children's Hospital. Her research contributions have recently been recognised with the awarding of the Centre for Children's Burns and Trauma Research Centre Medal.

Dr Griffin's currently supervises 4 PhD students and 4 MPhil students. She has been successful at obtaining over $1million value of research funding since 2015 through competitive and investigator initiated industry trials. (view publications).

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Brooke Charters

Ms Brooke Charters is a Research Nurse Assistant at the Emergency Department within the Logan Hospital,  Metro South Health interested in improving ED health services for kids in non-tertiary facilities.

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Catherine Kotzur

Ms Cate Kotzur is a Nurse Practitioner in the Acute Pain Service at Queensland Children's Hospital.

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Claire Rickard

Qualified as a Registered Nurse, Professor Claire Richard specialized in acute and critical hospital care, and then coordinated pharmaceutical and investigator-initiated ICU research at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital. Prof Rickard has held a variety of hospital and university based research positions and completed a PhD (QUT, 2004) on the impact of duration of intravascular administration set use on infection. Rickard established the Alliance for Vascular Access Teaching and Research (AVATAR) in 2007 as an investigator network to promote high quality work in this field. The AVATAR group comprises more than 100 nursing and medical clinicians, laboratory scientists, chemists, statisticians and health economists. AVATAR predominantly undertakes large randomized controlled trials in partnership with hospitals in Australia, and has consistently won competitive funding from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) since 2008. International projects include the largest ever vascular access study - The One Million Global peripheral intravenous catheter Study (OMG Study). AVATAR also has a significant educational focus, with regular workshops, a Masters level course and a focus PhD training and postdoctoral researcher development. Professor Rickard's awards include induction into the Sigma Theta Tau International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame in 2013, and election to the prestigious Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences in 2015. She has published almost 200 journal articles including in The Lancet. Her work focuses on preventing complications for people with central, peripheral, venous and arterial catheters. (view publications).

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Colleen Pitt

Mrs Colleen Pitt is a Clinical nurse in the Vascular Assessment and Management Service at the Queensland Children's Hospital, and is about to embark on her Master of Philosophy at the University of Queensland.

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Danny Sidwell

Mr Danny Sidwell is a Lecturer at the School of Nursing and Midwifery within Griffith University at the Gold Coast. Danny is an experienced paediatric nurse and educator (view publications).

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Deanne August

Ms Deanne August worked as a Clinical Neonatal Nurse for 13 years and is currently completing her PhD. Her PhD focuses on Neonatal Iatrogenic Skin Injuries and she is passionate about identifying wound care options that are safe for the neonatal population (view publications).

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Debbie Long

Dr Debbie Long is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing, Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology. In addition to an undergraduate degree in Nursing, Debbie has completed a Master of Nursing (Critical Care). Debbie was then awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing from Griffith University in 2012. Debbie's prior roles have been clinically based as the Nursing Lead for research in the PICU at both the Royal Children's Hospital and the Queensland Children's Hospital since 2004. She has held senior nursing roles within the PICU since 1998.

Debbie is currently recognised as a leader in the area of paediatric intensive care nursing. She has a special interest in the medical and nursing treatments that contribute to improved outcomes in paediatric critical illness (Liberation) and improving outcomes in PICU survivors. She has also published widely , in the areas of sedation, delirium and post-traumatic stress in the PICU. In recent years, Debbie's work has increasingly focused on raising awareness of post-intensive care syndrome paediatrics (PICS-p) and patient-centered health care models for children following critical illness. Her vision is to help all children who have survived a critical illness to recover; by supporting health systems to detect vulnerabilities early and enable targeted interventions to optimise outcomes.

In 2018, Debbie was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to explore international PICU long term outcome services and practical management strategies. (view publications).

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Elisabeth Coyne

Dr Elisabeth Coyne is a Senior Lecturer at Griffith University. Elisabeth is a highly experienced family care researcher, with clinical expertise in paediatrics and neonatal nursing. She's also currently setting up the Australian Chapter for the International Family Nursing Association, which is sure to be a useful link for many of you (view publications).

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Elizabeth Andresen

Ms Elizabeth Andresen is a Clinical Nurse in the Acute Pain Service at the Queensland Children's Hospital (view publications).

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Elizabeth Forster

Dr Elizabeth Forsteris a Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar at the the School of Nursing and Midwifery, the Griffith University. She leads the paediatric post-graduate teaching paediatric programs, with in the university (view publications).

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Elizabeth Shevill

Ms Elizabeth Shevill is a Nurse Practitioner in the Nursing Lead Cystic Fibrosis Service at the Queensland Children's Hospital (view publications).

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Geraldine Roderick

Ms Geraldine Roderick is an Academic Clinical Facilitator at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, the University of Southern Queensland.

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Helen Petsky

Dr Helen Petsky is a Registered Nurse, Senior Lecturer at Griffith University, School of Nursing and Midwifery, and well respected nurse researcher within the Queensland Children's Hospital.

Her research is already being cited in several International guidelines including Asthma and Cough.

Her research interests include paediatric respiratory disease, specifically Australian First People respiratory disease. She has an emerging interest in the ethical conduct of research involving paediatric participants (view publications).

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Hui (Grace) Xu

Hui (Grace) Xu is a Nurse Practitioner, Clinician Scientist and Staff Wellness Advocator. As a senior nurse practitioner with extensive clinical experience and advanced scope of practice, she worked in various emergency departments in both metropolitan and rural settings.

Grace also works at Griffith University as a research staff in the NHMRC CRE Wiser Wound care team. Her research focuses on promoting staff wellness and better vascular access in the acute care setting. Apart from being a wellness champion, she is a member of multiple statewide and local staff wellness committees. Her research contribution has been recognised in both emergency medicine and the general healthcare workforce by receiving media attention, including a featured interview by Channel 10 News during the early COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. (view publications).

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Ibi Patane

Mrs Ibi Patane is a leturer in School of Nursing at QUT.

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Jacqui Jauncey-Cooke

Dr Jacqui Jauncey-Cooke works as a lecturer and research scholar at the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social work, the University of Queensland (view publications).

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Jade Macnamara

Jade Macnamara is a Clinical Nurse Consultant at Queensland Children's Lung and Sleep Specialists who is about to embark on a Masters. (view publications).

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Janelle Keyser

Ms Janelle Keyser is the Clinical Nurse Consultant in the Acute Pain Service at Queensland Children's Hospital.

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Jeanine Young

Professor Jeanine Young is Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and Neonatal Nurse. She has worked in Australia and the United Kingdom in neonatal intensive care, paediatrics and community child health. She has a special interest in infant care practices; in particular breastfeeding and parent-infant bed-sharing, which formed the basis of her doctoral studies (view publications).

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Jeanne Marshall

Dr Jeanne Marshall is a Researcher and Speech Pathologist at Centre for Children's Health and Queensland Children's Hospital.

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Jessica Elliott

Mrs Jessica Elliott works as a lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland. Jessica's background is 16 years of Emergency Nursing, focusing on the care of both adult and paediatric patients. Jessica is new to the research world and has a focus on emergency, paediatrics and primary health care.

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Jessica Schults

Dr Jessica Schults is a research fellow at the University of Queensland. Jess is a well-rounded researcher with paediatric and PICU nursing experience. Her research interest includes improving paediatric mechanical ventilation and vascular access care. Since she graduated with her PhD in 2020, Jess sets up her next research focus on clinical analytics by using electronic medical records to predict and prevent patient harm. (view publications).

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Judith Needham

Ms Judith Needhamis a senior lecturere and Director of the Professional Practice Office for Griffith University and has over 30 years of nursing experience and is also a registered midwife having worked in paediatrics early in her career at Logan hospital and then using her skills in rural Queensland (view publications).

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Jules Richards

Ms Jules Richards is a Nurse Practitioner in Persistent Pain at the Queensland Children's Hospital.

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Kate Barnewall

Ms Kate Barnewall is is a Lecturer at Griffith University (Nathan) and has worked in various roles within the School of Nursing and Midwifery since 2001 (including clinical facilitator, clinical lab tutor and Professional Practice Coordinator). Her clinical experience includes general medical/surgical, oncology, paediatric perioperative, radiology and midwifery, and she has a special interest in accompanying students to Laos (south-east Asia) for community nursing clinical placements in rural and remote villages, with a focus on family-centred care and assessment.

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Karin Plummer

Dr Karin Plummer is a Lecturer in Nursing at Southern Cross University. Karin has a clinical background as a nurse consultant in paediatric pain management and psycho-oncology nursing. Karin's research focuses on minimising pain and distress associated with children's medical treatment. Her interest areas also include simulation based learning and qualitative research methods.

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Kelly Foster

Ms Kelly Foster works as a lecturer and research scholar at the Unversity of Southern Queensland. She is a highly experienced paediatric emergency and critical care clinician, and is currently undertaking her PhD at the University of Queensland (view publications).

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Kim Anderson

Ms Kim Anderson is a Nursing Director of Workfore Planning and Education at QCH. Experienced Operations Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Strong healthcare services professional skilled in Healthcare Management, Healthcare, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Patient Safety, and Nursing

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Kyana Gartrell

Kyana Gartrell is a Clinical Research Nurse, sharing her time across a few different divisions including endocrinology and immunology, with plans to commence her PhD soon (view publications).

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Lauren Kearney

Dr Lauren Kearney works in a joint clinical academic appointment between the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine, University of the Sunshine Coast and the Women and Families Service Group, Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Lauren's clinical background is in paediatric and child health nursing and in more recent year's midwifery (view publications). 

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Leanne Phillips

Ms Leanne Philips works as a Nurse Practitioner in the Queensland Specialist Immunisation Service located at CHQ. She has 18 years' experience as a paediatric nurse, with a background in paediatric emergency nursing.

Her interest in immunisation developed when she undertook a thesis titled "Barriers to opportunistic immunisation in the paediatric emergency department"; as part of a Masters in Advanced Nursing (Major Healthcare Research).

She has a special interest in the immunisation of medical at risk children, particularly the immune suppressed. She holds an Associate Lecture position with the University of Queensland.

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Lee O'Malley

Ms Lee O'Malley is a Lecturer in Nursing at the University of Southern Queensland. Her background has been Paediatric Nursing, for 27 years, mainly Paediatric ICU where she has worked for 23 years as a PICU Clinician, Retrieval Nurse, Research Assistant, Clinical Facilitator and then Educator.

She is currently enrolled in a PhD and have several years' experience in paediatric respiratory research in both PICU as RA and the Paediatric Ward settings as PARIS1 HF Study as Research Educator for both the Pilot Study and the RCT.

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Lucinda Brown

Ms Lucinda Brown is an experienced University Lecturer at Central Queesland University. She is skilled in Lecturing, Critical Care Medicine, Healthcare, Allergy, and Clinical Research. She is a strong education professional with a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education focused in Higher Education from Deakin University.

Lucinda has a research focus in paediatrics, emergency and disaster preparedness.

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Malanda Ramstedt

Ms Malanda Ramstedt is an experienced paediatric nurse of fifteen years, specialising in critical care (QCH and SCUH) with some recent experience with HITH. She has completed a Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Nursing and is currently enrolled in a Master of Nursing (Clinical Education) at USQ. Malanda is a passionate patient and family advocate and has an interest in preserving the psychological wellbeing of the nursing workforce.

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Marie Cooke

Professor Marie Cooke is the Co-Director of the AVATAR group and a Professor at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, the Griffith University.  She leads a program of research surrounding the management of paediatric patients with persistant pain conditions (view publications).

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Mark Moore

Mr Mark Moore is a Nurse Practitioner in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Queensland Children's Hospital.

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Michelle Paliwoda

Dr Michelle Paliwoda is a neonatal intensive care Nurse and a midwife at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital and a sessional academic at UQ, USQ, ACU, QUT, and UTAS.
Her interest areas include: Neonatal early warning tools, neonatal deterioration, and physiological reference ranges (view publications).

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Natalie Bradford

Dr Natalie Bradford is a Principal Research Fellow with QUT based at the Centre for Children's Health Research. She has a clinical background as nurse specialising in paediatric oncology and palliative care. Natalie completed her PhD thesis on investigating the use of home telehealth to connect specialist teams with children needing palliative care, their families and local healthcare providers.  Her current program of work includes collaborative projects exploring the use of technology in communication and symptom management for children and adolescent cancer and palliative care. In 2018 Natalie was honoured with the BUPA Health Foundation Emerging Researcher Award. In 2019 Natalie was awarded an NHMRC Investigator Fellowship.(view publications).

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Paula Cattanach

Ms Paula Cattanach is a clinical research nurse within the Vascular Assessment and Management Service at Queensland Children's Hospital. She is a highly experienced critical and acute care paediatric clinician, and holds multiple other roles within Children's Health Queensland (view publications).

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Peta Gimpel

Ms Peta Gimpel is a Nurse Practitioner in Emergency at the Queensland Children's Hospital.

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Rachel Edwards

Ms Rachel Edwards is a Nurse Educator in the Paediatric Oncology Services at Children's Health Queensland. She also leads a number of research and innovation projects, including an RCT on heparin and saline locking for central venous access devices in oncology.

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Rebecca Doyle

Ms Rebecca Doyle is a Nurse Researcher in  the Queensland Specialist Immunisation Service within the Queensland Children's Hospital, and is currently completing her Master of Medical Research. (View publications)

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Robyn Penny

Dr Robyn Penny is a Nurse Researcher currently working within the Office of the Chief Nursing Officer as Assistant Director of Midwifery, First 1000 Days Project.  Robyn is a Visiting Fellow, School of Nursing at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane (view publications).

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Roni Cole

Ms Roni Cole works as a Clinical Nurse at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital on the Children and Adolescent Unit. She is currently completing a PhD at the University of the Sunshine Coast. (view publications).

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Rosemary Rogers

Ms Rosemary Rogers is a Nurse Practitioner in Emergency Department at the Queensland Children's Hospital.

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Samantha Keogh

Professor Samantha Keogh is an established researcher with a clinical background in adult and paediatric critical care. Her research interests and publications are currently focused on care and management of vascular access devices.

She is a Senior Researcher with the Alliance for Vascular Access Teaching and Research group (AVATAR) established by Professor Claire Rickard. Professor Keogh supervises higher degree research students, is an external examiner for a number of Australian Universities and reviewer for several professional journals. Professor Keogh sits on the Research Advisory Panel of the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (ACCCN) and is the Past President (2015-2019) of the Australian Vascular Access Society (view publications).

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Samantha Prime

Ms Samantha Prime is a PhD student and Senior Research Assistant at QUT, and paediatric nurse. She is currently working with Dr Helen Petsky studying the aetiologies and economic burden of chronic wet cough in children (view publications).

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Sophie Anderson-James

Ms Sophie Anderson-Jamesis a Research Scholar at the Child Health Research Centre, at the University of Queensland (view publications).

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Suzanne Williams

Mrs Suzanne Williams is a nurse practitioner at QCH emergency department and an academic at QUT School of Nursing. Her research interest is about pain management for paediatric patients in emergency department.

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Tim Flanagan

Mr Tim Flanagan is a Nurse Practitioner in Emergency at Queensland Children's Hospital.

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Toni Day

Toni Day currently works for the Queesland Children Hospital at Hospital In The Home (HITH) team.

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Tracey Kidgell

Ms Tracey Kidgell is the Project Officer leading the evaluation fo the right@home service, within Queensland Health Queensland.

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Tricia Kleidon

Ms Tricia Kleidon is a nurse practitioner (NP) in paediatric vascular access, research fellow with Griffith University. Tricia has experience in both insertion and maintenance of vascular access devices and has a passion for vessel preservation. 

Tricia's main clinical goal is to ensure the right device is inserted the first time, by the right practitioner via the right vessel and is sufficient to complete treatment (view publications).

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Valda Frommolt

Ms Valda Frommolt is a Registered Nurse and Midwife with over 30 years experience in the acute hospital sector working in paediatric (in particular oncology) areas.

She has worked for Griffith for over 10 years now as a Clinical Facilitator/ tutor/ Lab Assistant and as a course convenor the last few years. Each year she supports a small group of students to attend a clinical placement in rural Laos /Vietnam where she is able to practice her family centred and paediatric assessment and support.

Her other role is Professional Practice Coordinator which involves the running of clinical placements across the three campuses (view publications).

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Vanessa Funk

Ms Vanessa Funk is a Registered Nurse working in the Emergeny Departent of Logan Hospital. In addtion to the clinical interests in the paediatric critical care sector, she is passionate about researching further the most effective ways to advocate for our patients to facilate a positive experience of the health system and looking for ways to ensure a smooth patient journey from an organisational and patient view point.

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Victoria Gibson

Ms Victoria Gibson is a clinical research nurse and project manager in the Vascular Assessment and Management Service at the Queensland Children's Hospital (view publications).

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Victoria Kain

Dr Victoria Kain joined Griffith University as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Nursing and Midwifery in 2014. During this time, she has held positions as a Deputy Program Director (BN), Deputy Head of School and is currently the Director of Undergraduate Programs (Nursing).

Victoria was an associate editor for Neonatal, Paediatric and Child Health Nursing from 2011-2015 and is active in the Australian College of Neonatal Nursing. She is also a founding executive member of the Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand Perinatal Palliative Care Special Interest Group (PSANZ).

In 2015, Victoria was elected to the Board of PSANZ.Her research discipline spans the genre of neonatal nursing, but her passion is in perinatal and neonatal palliative care. Victoria is the convener for undergraduate and postgraduate neonatal nursing courses. She also has an interest in curriculum based research including internationalisation of curriculum (view publications).

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