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Our PATTERN new project is coming soon

Posted on 30 June 2019

Our PATTERN new project is coming soon

Project topic: Identifying research priorities for paediatric nursing in Australia

High quality research is necessary to inform nursing practices within paediatrics, to prevent harm and promote
recovery. Recently funded by the Griffith University School of Nursing and Midwifery, the purpose of
this study is to bring together clinicians, consumers and health service executives to identify and prioritise
research questions for paediatric nursing.

We are aiming to get agreement on the "top-ten" most important paediatric nursing research questions.
A three phased project based on James Lind Alliance methodology:

Phase One "Ideas-gathering" Survey: Engaging a diverse range of stakeholders and disseminating an
online survey through their resources.
Phase Two "Prioritisation" Survey: After shortlisting responses from phase one, another survey sent to
rank research questions.
Phase Three Final top ten consensus workshop: Agreed via consensus at a final workshop with

For more information, or to get involved, please contact Dr Helen Petsky (

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